Friday, July 17, 2009

Beam Flexural & Shear Design to CSA A23.3-04

Beam Flexural & Shear Design (Excel & Calc) - Reinforced concrete design in accordance to Canadian Concrete Code CSA A23.3-04. By inputing the moment and shear force, reinforcement required for the section can be design.

The program is easier to use than the commercial software as the input can be altered any time and the design check is clearly printed so that check can be carried out manually, if needed. The program was cross-checked with commercial software and found to be adequate.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Composite Steel Column to EC4 Using Excel & Calc

Composite Column Design to EC4 (Excel & Calc) - The spreadsheet program can design and check the rectangular concrete column with steel I-section, Concrete filled circular section (CHS) and Concrete filled rectangular section (RHS & SHS ).

A screenshot of the rectangular concrete column with steel I-section is show below:

Reinforcement can also be added to the section. Moment capacity check and interaction ratio check according to EC4 will also be carried out.

Similarly, the program can also carried out concrete filled circular section CHS, rectangular section RHS and square section SHS.

The excel and calc spreadsheet were tested using examples and also compared with the EC4 capacity tables listed in the handbook. The results are exact and proved to be accurate.

For the same Excel and Calc spreadsheet, section capacity check for steel section subject to axial force, bending moment and shear force are also included. The section check is applicable to UB or UC section with fully restraint or non-restraint conditions. User will need to input the restraint length to calculate the buckling moment capacity.

Watermark @ Robertson Quay - Conservation of old facade and new construction of residential units

Structural Analysis & Design: Structural Analysis Programs in Excel Spreadsheet

Structural Analysis & Design: Structural Analysis Programs in Excel Spreadsheet

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Queens Condonminium - 3 Block of 39 Storeys Highrise Apartment Units at Queensway, Singapore. Analysis and design of the structure was carried out using ETABS and SAFE programs.

Flatplate with shearwalls system is use as the structural system. The design is very efficient and won the Construction Excellency Award and Buildable Award from Building Authority of Singapore (BCA).
Orchard Central - 12 Storeys luxury shopping malls at Orchard Road. The structure is post-tensioned beams with composite steel columns.

Cascadia - 13 Blocks of 10 Storeys luxury condonminium at Upper Bukit Timah Road