Saturday, February 6, 2010

FRP Strengthening of RC Structure - CSA A23.3

Further to the development of the spreadsheet in CSA A23.3, I have developed the FRP strengthening of concrete structures based on the ISIS Concrete Educational Module. The resouces of ISIS are simply wonderful and fill with useful information.
The following is the screenshot of the spreadsheet and the results are compared with Example 1 and the Assignment example 1 in Appendix B of ISIS Concrete Education Module No. 4. As can be seen, the results match correctly for the neutral axis with slight difference of moment capacity of 1.96% only. This difference is inmaterial as it is due to rounding off in the manual calculation. The spreadsheet is only halfway done as I still need to include the shear portion. But this will be the easy task. I will publish the complete spreadsheet for all to download and test.

CSA A23.3 with FRP strengthening and with steel plate strengthening are almost completed and will be published in the couple of weeks time. Most of it already written in BS8110, TR55. I have not yet published them due to the limited examples for testing the spreadsheet. If anyone can direct me with websites that contain examples, I will be glad to verify the programs and publish them for testing.