Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Subframe/ Continuous Beam using Excel

This the sample page of the continuous spreadsheet program that I developed. The input is simple and straight forward. The beauty of using spreadsheet is that even if the input is enter incorrectly first time, you could amend it later without going through the entire input process. Output forces are directly printed beside each spans.

The are two buttons command, namely "Span Information" & :Input Load Type". This is where all the macro will be invoked.

Input : 1) By clicking the macro, the input screen would ask for number of span, support conditions, beams span lengths, beam and column sizes in a sequential way.

2) Next step is to invoke the Input Load Type macro.

3) You can input maximum 10 load cases for each spans. Uniformly distributed load, triangular load, point load, trapezoidal load and linear load are all the load cases.

4) No analysis step is needed as analysis will be completed the moment the last load case is completed.

5) The support reactions for Dead Load, Live Load and ultimate load & column moment will also be computed and shown in the spreadsheet.

Next post, I will illustrated the Subframe analysis spreadsheet usingn OpenOffice.

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  1. Hey! Great spreadsheet... can you send it to me, please?